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Win Shares Above Bench

Bench Level

Bench level is set at 75% of league average for all players except Starting Pitchers, whose bench level is 60%


Position players are compared to other position players while pitchers are compared to other pitchers.

LgWS/PA = League's total offensive Win Shares divided by league's total plate appearances
WS = Player's Offensive Win Shares
PA = Player's plate appearances

Offensive WSAB = WS - (LgWS/PA * PA)


It is important to note that Fielding Win Shares for each position played are compared to the league at that position.

LgWS/Inn = League's total Fielding Win Shares at that position divided by league's total innings
WS = Player's Fielding Win Shares at that position
Inn = Player's total innings at that position

Fielding WSAB = WS - (LgWS/Inn * Inn)


Starters are compared to other starters while relievers are compared to other relievers. As mentioned earlier, the bench level for starters is 60% while it's still 75% for relievers.

LgWS/IP = League's total Pitching Win Shares divided by league's total innings pitched
WS = Player's Pitching Win Shares
IP = Player's total innings pitched

Pitching WSAB = WS - (LgWS/IP * IP)

Per 162 Games

The rate of a statistic over the course of 162 games. This is based on the player's entire career. Position players and pitchers games played are treated differently.

Batting Seasons = Games appeared as a position player divided by 162. (G / 162)
Pitching Seasons = Games appeared as a pitcher plus Games Started, divided by 68. ((G + GS) / 68)
Seasons = Batting Seasons + Pitching Seasons
Total = Career Total in that statistic

per 162 = Total / Seasons


Developed by Jay Jaffe in 2004 at Baseball Prospectus. It is meant to gauge a player's Hall of Fame credentials by comparing them to Hall of Famers at the same position. JAWS is the average of a player's career total Win Shares Above Bench and the total of their seven best seasons (peak).

Since not all positions are represented equally in the Hall of Fame, JAWS requires a minimum # of players at each position. Currently, the position with the most players in the Hall of Fame is RF, with 25. To meet the required minimum, the calculation includes the average position player's JAWS score for each player that it is short of the minimum (Starting and Relief Pitchers are not subject to this minimum requirement).

For example, there are currently 15 catchers in the Hall of Fame, which is 10 players short of the minimum. The JAWS calculation will find the average of the 15 catchers AND 10 average Hall of Fame position players to determine the average Hall of Fame catcher's JAWS score.