Major Update to The Baseball Gauge

Today, I relaunched The Baseball Gauge. There are a number of changes, that I’ll try to outline.

Adaptive Design

The biggest and most important change is the site now works well on all screen sizes. It now adjusts to the size and aspect ratio of your screen, whether you are on a mobile phone or 4k monitor. On Android devices, click “Add to Home Screen” to have the website act as a web app.

New Address

While still partners with Seamheads family (Negro Leagues and Ballparks Databases), the site is now hosted at

Championship Win Probability Added

I’ve had cWPA on the site for postseason games over the past few years and have experimented with how to display the statistic on the site. There are now cWPA values for all games in the Retrosheet play-by-play database. This includes over twelve million plays from 1921 to present as well as all postseason games. Deduced games are included, meaning that all games from 1942-present are covered. A Championship Win Probability Added primer will be coming soon.

Color Scheme

This purely cosmetic change goes from the old Green and Brown to Blue and Black.

Re-designed Game Changer

The Game Changer looks different, but it remains mostly the same under the hood. This includes recently added features such as importing/exporting settings.

Interactive Graphs

The Graphs are no longer just displayed as .jpeg images. They are now written in javascript and are interactive.

Current Season Retrosheet Download

For the second straight year, I’m providing a downloadable retrosheet/chadwick style play-by-play database, available in the downloads section.

Customized Metrics

As with the previous version of the site, you can customize Wins Above Replacement, Average, and Greatness to your liking. You can use Baseball-Reference’s WAR, but with a FIP based pitching WAR. Or you can have any combination of RA9 and FIP (50/50, 33/67, 25/75, etc). Similarly, for Fielding WAR with defensive regression analysis and defensive runs saved/total zone.

This isn’t a complete list of changes, just the most significant. And as I have done in the past, I’ll continue to update the site daily and add new features here and there. I hope you enjoy.