Win Shares Above Bench

I’m toying with the idea of removing WSAB from the site in favor of bringing back my old Wins Above Replacement system. This would mean that the site would have Baseball-Reference’s WAR, my WAR, and Win Shares. I’d like to see how many people (if any) use WSAB. You don’t have to respond if you don’t use it, but if you would like to see if stay on the site, please let me know.

Best Seasons without an MVP vote

I found a thread on asking which players had the best season without receiving a single MVP vote. So I figured that I would do a query using Baseball-Reference’s WAR.

Since most of the players on the list are Pitchers, I decided to separate the list between Position Players and Pitchers. This is because there is a disagreement amongst voters about whether Pitchers should be included in the MVP vote.

Top Position Players

Player Year Team Pos WAR oWAR dWAR
Roberto Clemente 1968 PIT RF 8.0 4.7 2.5
Willie Davis 1964 LAN CF 7.9 4.5 3.4
Barry Bonds 1989 PIT LF 7.8 3.5 3.6
Eddie Mathews 1963 ML1 3B 7.6 5.8 1.8
Troy Glaus 2000 ANA 3B 7.5 6.0 1.9
Brooks Robinson 1967 BAL 3B 7.4 3.7 4.2
Arky Vaughan 1936 PIT SS 7.2 7.4 0.8
Nick Markakis 2008 BAL RF 7.2 4.8 1.7
Ozzie Smith 1989 SLN SS 7.1 3.4 4.7
Andruw Jones 1998 ATL CF 7.1 3.6 3.9
Darrell Evans 1974 ATL 3B 7.1 4.7 2.7
Jimmy Wynn 1965 HOU CF 7.0 7.1 -0.1
Brett Gardner 2010 NYA LF 7.0 3.3 3.4
Bobby Grich 1975 BAL 2B 7.0 5.2 2.4
Gary Carter 1983 MON C 6.8 3.8 4.0
Andruw Jones 1999 ATL CF 6.8 3.4 3.8
Brian Jordan 1998 SLN RF 6.8 4.3 2.0
Barry Larkin 1988 CIN SS 6.8 5.5 2.2
Randy Velarde 1999 MULT 2B 6.7 5.2 2.0
Dwayne Murphy 1980 OAK CF 6.7 4.3 2.4

You’ll notice most of these players had high dWAR’s. Fielding ability can easily be overlooked (or incorrectly evaluated) by voters, which may explain why some of these players did not receive votes.

Top Pitchers

Player Year Team Pos WAR
Lefty Grove 1937 BOS SP 9.0
Jim Bunning 1966 PHI SP 8.7
Jon Matlack 1974 NYN SP 8.4
Pat Hentgen 1996 TOR SP 8.2
Mark Langston 1993 CAL SP 8.2
Phil Niekro 1977 ATL SP 8.1
Andy Pettitte 1997 NYA SP 8.0
Frank Tanana 1977 CAL SP 8.0
Jim Bunning 1965 PHI SP 7.9
Don Drysdale 1964 LAN SP 7.8
Frank Viola 1987 MIN SP 7.8
Kevin Appier 1992 KCA SP 7.7
Bill Hands 1969 CHN SP 7.7
Phil Niekro 1974 ATL SP 7.7
Bret Saberhagen 1987 KCA SP 7.7
Roy Halladay 2003 TOR SP 7.7
Wes Ferrell 1936 BOS SP 7.6
Bert Blyleven 1974 MIN SP 7.5
Chuck Finley 1990 CAL SP 7.5
Bob Gibson 1972 SLN SP 7.5

WAR From Baseball-Reference Now Available

Thanks to Sean Forman and the Baseball-Reference team, we are now able to display their Wins Above Replacement on The Baseball Gauge.

This will replace my previous WAR that was introduced at the beginning of the season. This change was made in an effort to help make B-R’s statistic the “universal” WAR. Since the biggest difference between this version of WAR and our previous system was the fielding metric, we are going to continue to display Defensive Regression Analysis on the site. But understand that this WAR system does not include DRA.

Currently, we only show the basic oWAR, dWAR, pWAR and position adjustment. We encourage everyone to visit Baseball-Reference for more detailed components of the WAR system.