wOBA and L/R splits

I’ve begun to add wOBA (Weighted On Base Average) and Lefty/Righty splits to the site. Currently, they are only available on the player’s page in the Batting Graph. L/R splits are available from 1952 until the current season.

I should mention that my wOBA calculations DO NOT include SB/CS data. This was done on purpose to be able to compare L/R to the overall value. The BaseRuns / 27 Outs DOES include SB/CS data. For the most part, the wOBA and R/27 percentile should be very similar, except for the top base stealers (see Carl Crawford). Also, just like all the other stats, the wOBA percentile ranking IS park adjusted.

There are 3 bars in the wOBA section. The bar on the left is vs LHP. The middle bar is overall (vs All). The bar on the right is vs RHP. You’ll notice that there is a lot of volatility from year to year for some players. Take Matt Wieters for example….

Matt Wieters 2011

Matt Wieters 2010

Wieters vs LHP is in the 100th percentile in 2011, while he was in the 1st percentile in 2010. As a switch hitter, it will be interesting to see if this trend continues in the future.

Finally, you’ve probably noticed that I’ve added the ability to look at individual seasons on the Batting Graph. I’ve added the number of Plate Appearances for each season to show the sample size.

Next, I plan on adding the same L/R wOBA to the pitcher’s graph.

Negro Leagues Database

I’m thrilled to announce that we at Seamheads have launched the very first online Negro Leagues Database, powered by the Baseball Gauge. The site covers the Cuban Leagues from 1904-1912 and the Negro Leagues from 1916-1922. There are plans for adding more years in the future as the data is collected.

The database was created by amazing researchers such as Gary Ashwill and Scott Simkus. You won’t believe the amount of work that has been put it and the amount of knowledge these guys have on the subject. Check out their personal sites if you’re interested in learning more.

If you’re like me, as a baseball fan, you’ve always heard and read about players like Oscar Charleston, Smokey Joe Williams, Cristobal Torriente, Ben Taylor, and Bullet Joe Rogan. We now have the ability to look at their stats and compare them to their contemporaries.