Improvement in All-State Teams

Now that the High School Database has been added to the site, the All-State Teams have been very much improved. Previously, they were based off of the States in which each player was born. But now they are based off of where they went to High School.

There are a good number of players who were born in one State but grew up or went to High School in another. In my opinion, these players should be tied to the State where they went to High School and not where they were born.

For example, these are a few of the players who are affected…
Wade Boggs (Nebraska -> Florida)
Roger Clemens (Ohio -> Texas)
Joe Morgan (Texas -> California)
Jason Heyward (New Jersey -> Georgia)
Derek Jeter (New Jersey -> Michigan)

There are a lot of players on this list, and that’s why I think this is a big improvement. On a side note, if there is no HS information for a player, their birth State is used.

New Feature: High School data

Thanks to the amazing work of Kevin Johnson (who also created the data for Seamheads ballpark database), I’ve added his High School database to The Baseball Gauge. Now, each player’s High School is displayed on their player page with a link to that school’s “All-Time Team”.

Most of the All-Time High School Teams will only feature 1 or 2 players, but there are some that have a good number of Major League alumni. For example, take a look at my High School, Tampa Catholic.

Also, you can search through every single High School that has at least 1 Major League alumni at this page.

There are a number of notable High Schools out there, but how about McClymonds HS in Oakland? In the 1930’s, they had an outfield that consisted of Vada Pinson, Curt Flood, and Frank Robinson. Oh, and Basketball Hall of Famer Bill Russell was also at the school at the same time.

Which Major Leaguers came from your High School?