Pitching Graphs Added

I’ve updated each player’s pitching page to include graphs. Please note that “ERA” is defense independent and NOT the basic ERA. Also, Starters are compared to other Starters, while Relievers are compared to Relievers.

Just like the batting graphs, you can view and compare multiple statistics at the same time.

Here’s Nolan Ryan’s pitching graph….

Nolan Ryan

Park Factors Updated (1/4 Season Update)

Now that we are more than a quarter through the season, I figured that I would update the park factors since each team has 20+ games at home and away. This should affect some of this season’s WAR and Win Shares numbers since all these statistics are park adjusted. Also, keep in mind that it will very slightly affect the 2010 and 2009 numbers as well since park factors are done in 5-year spans. I plan on updating the park factors again around the All-Star Break.

New Server

I apologize for the downtime over the past couple of days. I was forced to switch servers on short notice and then I hit a few speed bumps when loading everything onto the new server. I can’t tell you how frustrating the past couple of days have been. But we should be up and running for good now!

One good thing I noticed is that the daily update took half the time on this new server, so it’s looking like the site will be much faster now.

BABIP and BIP% Added to Batting Graphs

I’ve finalized the batting graphs by adding Batting Avg on Balls in Play (BABIP) and Balls in Play %. We can now see how often each player puts the ball in play and what their batting average is when doing so. Here is Willie Mays graph…

Willie Mays

This is all I have planned for the Batting Graphs. As I mentioned in a previous post, I plan on adding Pitching Graphs next

Batting Graphs Part II

Last week, after I added the player batting graphs, I decided that I wanted to make them more user friendly. Before, you could only view one statistical category at a time. Now, you can select any number of categories to view simultaneously. So if you want to view BJ Upton’s Walks and Strikeouts at the same time…

BJ Upton

I assigned a color to each category to differentiate each one. Let me know if you think I should change any, or if any are not “easy on the eyes”.

Soon, I plan on adding two categories: BABIP and Balls in Play percentage

Transactions Updated

Thanks to the amazing work by Tom Ruane and the people at Retrosheet, I was able to update all transactions to present day.

With the update rosters, we’ll now be able to take a very early look at the most recent trades to see how each team has fared. For instance, the Marlins seem to have gotten more value out of the Dan Uggla trade so far.

Also, here we can see that while the Indians have the best record in baseball, only 16.5% of their Win Shares come from Home Grown players (lowest in baseball). On the other hand, the Twins have the worst record in baseball and have 78.6% of their Win Shares coming from Home Grown players (highest in baseball).

You can also view previous drafts (Amateur & Rule 5), team formations, player and team transactions. There’s a ton of ways in which this transaction data is implemented in the site.

When new transactions occur, I plan on adding them ASAP. Also, as new players make their debuts, I’ll do my best to include their transaction data.