Batting Graphs Added

Sorry for the long time between updates. Since the season started, I’ve done nothing but watch games. And since takes up my computer screen, I’m unable to work on the site.

I’ve finally spent some time adding graphs for each player’s batting page. Check out Carl Crawford’s page for example. They show the career progression of stats like BA, OBP, SLG, IosP, SecA, HR%, BB/K, etc (stats are park adjusted).

Here’s Jose Bautista’s HR% throughout his career:
Jose Bautista HR%

The graphs are displayed in Percentile compared to the league. So for example, Jose Bautista (2010) is in the 100th percentile, so he was better than 100% of the league in that category. Also included are the player’s Plate Appearances in a faded bar graph. This is just to show what kind of sample size you are looking at in order to get a better idea of how accurate it is. The percentile scale is on the left side of the graph, while the Plate Appearance scale is on the right side.

One final note, each pitcher is compared to other pitchers, while position players are compared to other position players

Next, I plan on adding similar graphs to the pitcher’s pages.

2011 Stats Now Available

I’m a bit late announcing this. The 2011 Stats are now available.

A quick note about Win Shares. Since they are derived from the number of team wins, any team without any wins will then have a total of zero Win Shares for its players. I would say it’s good to wait until all teams winning percentages are between .300 – .700 before relying on Win Shares. As with any statistic, it’s really too small of a sample size this early in the season.